News: Meditation Retreat with Shri Ravi Kohli

September 25-27, 2015 – Minneapolis, MN


The recently opened Science of Spirituality Meditation Center in Columbia Heights Minneapolis organized a series of public talks and meditation sessions. An international meditation speaker Ravi Kohli lead the sessions sharing deep wisdom of the saints emphasizing on importance of Meditation. His talks at the Meditation center Heights were thought provoking and heart touching at the same time. With great passion for meditation and selfless service Ravi simplified the complex laws of Karma for the benefit of a spiritual speaker. The effects of Karma while often overwhelming, could be overcome with the help of Meditation and controlling thoughts. Although mostly preordained the laws of the karma do allow human beings to control their destiny and achieve ultimate wisdom and attain spiritual goals. On Sunday he laid foundation for the eternal happiness by calming the mind who is full of tricks and tribulations. Our mind is our greatest enemy however when in control the same could be our greatest ally.

At Milan Mandir in Farmington Minnesota Ravi elaborated the importance of love and devotion in meditation. He emphasized our attitude of devotion should be carried beyond the confines of temples/churches etc to our homes and wherever we go. Devotees and visitors dove deep into the aspects to ensure higher focus and longer seating. In a special meditation session at the Hindu Temple of Minnesota, Ravi covered the secrets of inner peace. He explained seekers how one can improve meditation practice and experience divine bliss through proper technique and the help of an adept spiritual guide such as Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.

Ravi frequently visits Minneapolis Meditation group and has already helped many seekers get closer to inner peace and their personal spiritual goals. He praised the Meditation Center and all the volunteers for their hard work and efforts to help bring peace and harmony in the community.

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