Andrew Vidich – Sharing Meditation & Wisdom Nov-20-22

Friday, November 20thAndrewVidich
7PM – 9PM:  Meditation and the After-life Journey
At SOS Meditation Center
4054 Van Buren St. NE, Columbia Heights, MN 55421

All great religious and spiritual traditions have laid great emphasis on the meaning and understanding of death and the afterlife.  In this workshop we will explore the many faceted faces of death and the after life journey of the soul viewed through the lens of several religious and spiritual traditions.

Who we are, where do we go and what is the nature of the soul’s existence after death will form the basis of our inquiry. No matter who we are each of us will have to face the moment of death. By understanding life itself, what dies and what lies beyond this physical existence each of us can learn more fully how to live now. Death may be the single greatest teacher we all encounter in our lives. Join us for an interactive evening lecture and discussion followed by a demonstration of how each of us can begin our own inner journey into the after life NOW through meditation.

Saturday, November 21st
10:30AM – 12PM: Meditation the Path of Radical Happiness
At Columbia Heights Public Library
820 40th Ave NE, Columbia Heights, MN 55421

 Mediation can be the key that unlocks the inner doorway to a life of deep inner peace and true happiness. It has been practiced for thousands of years and is the core practice of all great spiritual and religious traditions. By learning how to “tap inside,” as Emerson put it each of us can mine the unlimited bliss and joy within us.  The Vedic sages tells us we are sat, chit and anand or Truth, consciousness and bliss.  If we could only learn how to invert within we could experience this everlasting joy eternally moment by moment.  In this seminar and talk we will learn a simple yet highly effective method to help still our restless mind, and achieve a state of inner equipoise. and happiness which transcends all duality. This is the path to radical happiness and it is our birthright. Through the use of inner remembrance, or “mantra'” and absorption or union into the Bliss-Self within, we will learn how to enter our own private retreat from the problems of the world. Through meditation, each of us can break through the illusion of separation to see the inherent unity of all life.

Sunday, November 22nd
10:30AM – 12PM:  Meditation the Path of Eternal Happiness
At Hindu Temple of Minnesota-Nath Auditorium
10530 Troy Ln N, Maple Grove, MN 55311

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Children above 5 will have special fun and story session at the same time
> Light vegetarian meal will be available after each session except Library
> All of our programs are FREE of charge


After Life Journeys of the Soul


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