Shri Amarnath Akhand  in the Twin Cities

Sharing Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj’s divine message

April 4th, 5th & 6th, 2008

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Liberation of Soul through Jyoti Meditation

 Akhand Ji graciously visited Twin Cities metro area bringing the divine message of love and union with the divine.  The message from Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj was very well received by people of Twin Cities.  Shri Akhand spoke at Maple Grove Temple on Sunday.  He also gave talks at the regular Friday satsang in Eagan and Milan Mandir of Eagan.   His message in all his talk was to keep our focus on realizing our true self and focusing on the divine through meditation.

In all of the talks Shri Akhand emphasized the value of recognizing our perpetual unity with the divine.  The supreme lord manifests itself in the form of divine light and sound.  We all need to connect to it to find the lasting bliss and happiness.  He elaborated the Sachidananda roop of the lord with Sat meaning truth, Chit meaning consciousness and Anand meaning bliss.  He pointed that most people are familiar with Sat form but only a few talks about Chit and Anand forms.  Akhand Ji also explained the santmat principles of inversion through Jyoti Meditation.  He emphasized that one need not to give up worldly responsibilities in order to find connection with the divine.  The positive mysticism principles of Santmat allows us to pursue spiritual progress via meditation while fulfilling our family, social and other responsibilities.  In order to salvage ourselves we do need to take protection of a Satguru (Master soul) who is free from bonds of Karma, he emphasized.  Shri Akhand related some wonderful stories elaborating the message very well.

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Satsang at Town Center:  Role of Guru and Meditation