23rd November: Town Center at Lexington, Eagan – Special Satsang on Gratitude



Shri Satpal Garg arrived on Friday from Connecticut.  Later, he led the satsang on subject matter relevant to the occasion of Thanksgiving.  In the satsang, Garg Ji explained that the most valuable thing we have received from God is to be thankful.  He explained that the greatest reason for our gratitude is that we have received the opportunity to come in the form of a human being.  Only in the human form do we have all of the elements required to find God.  Later, he answered questions from the children.  Children asked him all kinds of questions on meditation and selfless service.  Some of the questions were, “How can we do selfless service?” and “How can selfless service help us in meditation?”  Garg ji answered their questions lovingly. 

24th November: Milan Mandir, Eagan – Discourse on the Universal Spiritual Values – The meaning of Guru


At the Milan Mandir, the program started with the traditional aarati on Guru.  Satya Bahin and others sang the kirtan very devotionally.  After that, a video introducing Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj was shown.  The video explained the mission of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.  Later, Garg Ji praised the atmosphere of devotion and explained the true meaning of the word Guru.  He emphasized the importance of reaching to the feet of a living sat guru for salvation.  In his 40 minute discourse, Garg Ji elaborated on each aspect of the guru and how the God power works through the sat guru in helping the disciples unite with the ultimate divine.  Satya Bahin thanked Garg Ji and the Science of Spirituality for sharing this wisdom.

25th November:  Hindu Temple of Minnesota, Maple Grove – Discourse on Finding our Highest purpose through Jyoti Meditation





The satsang started with the video introducing the Science of Spirituality and Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.  Shri Garg then explained that we are only living and experiencing the physical plane, but there are also other regions of existence such as the Astral, Causal, Super Causal and Sachkhand, increasing in the order of consciousness.  Our soul transmigrates from one existence to another among 8.4 million species.  Being human is the greatest opportunity to be able to meditate and traverse back to our true source, the divine.  One can meditate on the light and sound of God by focusing the attention on the third eye, also known as the tenth door or single eye.  This doorway that opens within has different names in different religions.  Just like in any other field of learning, meditation requires a coach.  Beyond a certain point, the results of meditation can only be experienced if we receive initiation from a true master (teacher).  During initiation, the true master puts his attention (astral form) toward the third eye that guides us through the meditations until we reach the final destination of merging with the divine.  Garg Ji emphasized that the opportunity of being human should not be wasted, but instead leveraged for the true purpose for which we have received it.  Every one meditated for 5 minutes, following the Science of Spirituality meditation instructions.  Dr. Shashi Sane then concluded the discourse by summarizing the discourse, thanking Garg Ji on behalf of the Hindu Temple and ending with a beautiful quote attributed to Hanuman Ji in the Ramayan.

25th November – Science of Spirituality sponsored Lunch at the Hindu Temple of Minnesota


The entire satsang team, led by Ashwini and Yogesh, reached the temple early in the morning and prepared food for around 250 visitors at the temple.  The team was filled with enthusiastic members such as Vandana, Shradhdha and Ashok.  Later Raj, Lalitha, Timir, Toral and Bhuvana also joined the team to help in this great endeavor.  Everyone cooked wonderful food and got several complements from the temple visitors.  One of the devotees said he has been coming for a while, and so far this was the best food he had had.  Some one mentioned the sweet halva was full of hearty efforts and was awesome.  The Halva was made by Ashok.  There were countless other positive comments.  The children’s team took charge of the donation table for the food.  Roshani, Anika, Kishore and Anant managed the seva with very little help from Rajan and Lokesh.  They also helped with chair and table arrangements during the discourse and food serving.  Also thanks to Sharma uncle for guiding audience to the discourse.  Every one seemed to enjoy the best of their lives.