Arvind Naik


Arvind Naik, MBA, educated as an Electronics Engineer, works as Technology and Business Professional in Minneapolis area.  Working with his wife he leads the Science of Spirituality Meditation Center Programs and as a Public Relation and Outreach coordinator. 

He has been studying a practical form of meditation under a world renowned spiritual teacher Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for over 12 years.   

He has been conducting talks, classes and workshops on the topic of meditation, where he discusses how incorporating meditation into our daily routine could be life changing.  In his programs Arvind, explores how this practice can help each of us achieve holistic health physically, mentally, and spiritually.   Arvind also lead a meditation program at Target and regularly speaks, conducts meditation talks at local community organizations.  Recently he spoke at Boston Scientific to introduce meditation as a tool for stress reduction in the workplace. Arvind lives in Minnesota and is married with two teenage sons.

Arvind could be reached through email: