August 29-30, 2008:  Retreat into Peace at Apple Valley Minnesota

You are cordially invited to this wonderful opportunity to retreat.

This retreat is organized by Science of Spirituality Minnesota, offering sincere seekers of truth to get away from routine activities of life and spend time in remembrance of the divine within in a spiritually conducive environment.  The retreat will be restricted to invited people (age 16 and above) and the seats are limited.  It is required that participants be familiar with Jyoti (Inner Light & Sound) Meditation technique and principles.  If you want to attend and are still not familiar, please visit us at our regular satsang this Friday 8/23 at 7pm.

The retreat is FREE and will start on Friday 4:00pm and will complete at noon on Saturday with plenty of time to meditate and relax completely.  Please see attached flyer for details.  A more detailed schedule will be communicated soon.  The retreat will consist of long meditation sessions (30-90 minutes) and Study Circles on spiritual topics guided by a guest presenter Harold Burjon from Peoria, IL.  WE will also watch videos lectures from Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, books to read and much more.  The meditation and study circle session will continue late evenings and in the mornings  you are welcome to stay overnight.  The retreat center has facilities to stay overnight in the lodge dorm (no private rooms). The early morning mediation will be ideal to get some perfect meditations in our accounts.  Vegetarian Dinner/Lunch/Breakfast, snacks, water and beverages will be served.  Please visit the link to learn more about the retreat center and facilities.  

Please bring your bed roll, water bottle, personal hygiene kit, towel, pajamas and extra clothing if you plan to stay overnight in the lodge.  You can contact the county for renting tent space if you like at your own or any other overnight arrangement will also have to be made on your own.  We are trying to make arrangements for children (5 and above) and teens for staying parents on a mutual agreement basis, the details will follow later with the schedule.

Please RSVP and register as soon as possible as the seats are limited.  A registration form will be sent to you once your RSVP is received and your familiarity with Jyoti Meditation is confirmed.

Retreat in Peace